About Us

From the Doctor’s desk

Dr. Arun

Dr. Arun, BSMS from the Government siddha medical college palayamkottai, with a 2 year M.Sc. Psychology from Madras university has started this initiative named Herbal Health Care in the year 2012 in Chennai, Velachery and Mambalam after a 6 month medical practice at Government siddha medical college. He has been an consultant psychiatrist in various psychiatrist hospitals in Chennai and now after huge researches have concluded with treating patients with chronic ailments that the modern English medicine has give up stating there is no permanent cure. Herbal Health Care with the ancestral knowledge of over 5000 years of siddha medicine and modern scientific research and findings is successfully treating all sorts of chronic ailments like Gout, Ulcer, Arthritis, sinus, asthma, allergies and mental health related treatments like stress, hyper tension, alcoholism, schizophrenia, nervous disorders, mental disorders, etc.

What is Siddha

Destination To Cure When tradition becomes the root conventions becomes our practice. More than 5000 years old siddha is a stream of medicine that was the only source of heal for years. Ancient books reveal the exotic methodology of cure that is suited for most chronic ailments and that effectiveness on the long term cure is what inspires us.

About Us

Destination To Cure

Herbal health care has gone a mile ahead on learning the ancient and the modern, and that understanding has made our team more indigenously advanced. When we call it “destination to cure” we mean it in literal terms. There are a lot of ailments that the most advanced medical practices give a temporary cure but never a permanent solution. But Siddha on the other hand rely on what the great ancestors practiced and with what Mother Nature provides us and amalgamate the both with our advancements give the solutions for a permanent cure. We agree siddha is claimed to be slow in effect but we also agree that slow and steady wins it at the end.

What do we treat?

Destination To Cure

Our siddha herbal health care is multi-disciplinary we have lasting treatments for all types of Skin diseases, nerve disorders, rheumatoid, gout, hyper tension, diabetes, etc.

We also provide naturally aided treatments for Psychiatric problems, Alcoholism, infertility, Sleep disorders, Migraine, Asthma, Allergies, Sinus, Hyperactive child problems, etc.

Treatments for these chronic or long term ailments are done by herbal health care doctors with careful ancestral methodology combined with modern science for a permanent cure.