Osteoarthritis treatment in Siddha

‘Herbal Health Care’ tips you the best for Siddha medicine for Osteoarthritis. Its the familiar one and easily cured in Ayurvedha. The natural sources can treat this without straining so much. “Herbal health care” remedies you by their special approaches of massaging, ice treatment, heating pads etc. Osteoarthritis treatment in siddha pays you the perfect solution. ‘Herbal health care’ cares for your safety and healthy. Innovative therapies are used for Osteoarthritis treatment in Ayurvedha. Multiple therapies are finely hold by Dr.Arun. Osteoarthritis (OA) is basically occurs in elderly people. As in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis also attack women mostly. Women with the age of 40 or more than 40 get affected easily. One of the main reasons is that women get menopause and it leads to the deficiency of estrogen (female harmones) which cause degeneneration of bones. The another main reason is Uterus removal that is also cause the bone degeneration initially. Due to these reasons they may suffer with this disease, Osteoarthritis. Its called Primary Ortheoarthritis.

Secondary Osteoarthritis may occur in various age group. It affects knee, hip, spine and shoulder. This Ortheoarthritis appears due to wear and tear of articular cartilages as a consequence of any injury, fracture or inflammation.

Osteoarthritis is also a chronic condition of the joints like Rheumatoid Arthritis. Siddha treatment for Osteoarthritis is so safe and more effective. The diet is more important and in Herbal health care we offer you the significant treatment with our great herbs. The herbs அஸ்வகந்தா, திரிபலா, இஞ்சி, மஞ்சள் etc which are used for treating Osteoarthritis. They can reduce inflammation.

Siddha gives a reason that due to extreme heat may dries up the lubrication of fluid present in the joint. Basic signs of Osteoarthritis are swelling, restricted movements, and a low fever (at times). Morning stiffness, pain in knee, hard in moving the joints after a long time rest or sleep. Check with the top Best siddha hospital in Tamilnadu.

Ageing, excess weight, stress, Trauma, Hyperthyroidism, intake of oily food, lack of workouts are the cause of Osteoarthritis. Unique treatments are given in Siddha medicine for Osteoarthritis. Azhal is the chief cause, so it has to be decreased and get into normal first. Siddha medicines for Osteoarthritis are ponnavarai chooranam, vellai ennai, meghanatha thylam etc. Rose petals, Nilavagai are also used. Kazharchi oil is used for the patients who have severe pain.

Siddha treatment for Osteoarthritis are so beneficial to prevent degeneration of the cartilage, rejuvenating the dried synovial fluid and strengthen the joints. Nilavembu kudineer, Amukkura chooranam, Neermulli kudineer, kalameghanarayana chendooram, chandamarutha chendooram and so many are effectively treated.

Massaging for Osteoarthritis can lead to the extreme level. Ulunthu thylam, mahamasha thylam are good in healing capacity. Kukkil vennai, sivappu kukkil thylam and chitramoola thylam are also can be used to get good results.

Knee and muscle strengthening excercises in a mild way, must be done even when its paining. Standing for a long time, stepping to upstairs can be avoided. Owing to over weight or obesity is the main reason, weightloss is suggestable.

Healthy diet is more important to get rid of this disease, Osteoarthritis. You must avoid eating oil items, tamarind, spicy foods and nonveg etc. Advisable are to eat boiled vegetables, fruits to be taken more, and drinking plenty of water and fruit juices.
Yogas are so powerful in relaxing. Some effective yogasanas can be learned from the siddha practitioner. Meditation and stress management are taught in our Herbal healthcare, Velachery.

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