Siddha treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis is mostly have gone through by everybody. Its great when we take siddha medicine in the beginning itself. Because allopathy cures but it will not be a permanent result. Psoriasis is the basic problem faced my many which is one of the skin infections. Its commonly affecting the skin cells. Inflammation, redness, itching are the usual factors. Psoriasis basically appears in the age group of 5 to 25 yrs. Its a chronic autoimmune condition which causes the buildup of skincells. It tends to scale on the surface of the skin. Gandhamezhugu is used for the medicinal purpose of psoriasis in Siddha.

Psoriasis treatment in siddha is a remarkable one. There are various types of psoriasis. Few types affect the mouth, nails and genital areas, mostly appears in elbows, hands etc.

Signs or symptoms
Not every person have the similar signs of psoriasis. It varies one person to another. It starts on the elbow or sometimes spreads almost every part of the body.

Commonly some symptoms may occur. Those are redness, soreness around patches, painful swollen joints, dryskin which gets crack and bleed. Symptoms may vary person to person.

Types of psoriasis
*Plaque psoriasis
*Guttate psoriasis
* Pustular psoriasis
*Inverse psoriasis
* Erythrodermic psoriasis

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Siddha treatment for psoriasis
Garlic and onion are the basic home ingredients which purifies the blood. Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis is purely with the herbal remedies. Neem is also available which highly helps to boost the immune system and purifies the blood. Paste of jasmine flower and guggul help you to reduce inflammation. The best therapy for psoriasis treatment in siddha is known as Panchakarma therapy. Non vegetarian diet is suggested to avoid. When you take vegetarian food while getting treatment can help you to fast recovery.

The therapy is full of herbal based and the main treatment is to purify the blood. Butter, buttermilk, mud are used in panchakarma therapy. The time of curing period is depend on the severity of a person’s psoriasis and the continuity of the treatment. Black nightshade is also used in reducing inflammation. Turmeric and neem are the best and basic medicines to treat any skin problem easily and effectively on your own. It decreases the redness and swelling. Stress management is also handled well in psoriasis. Physical and mental illness trigger psoriasis. Yoga, meditation and workouts will help to overcome stress-related psoriasis. To reduce the stress, some herbs are used in siddha like அஸ்வகந்தா and துளசி. They save us from getting too much stress. Whatever psoriasis, you must consult a doctor in the initial stage itself. Ayurvedha treatment for psoriasis is valuable. Dr. Arun from ‘Herbal health care’ trains you to relieve from stress and also psoriasis. The siddha practitioner suggests to keep your mind and body in a well condition. Reason for suggesting siddha medicines for psoriasis is not to take risk because side effects may cause due to chemicals in allopathy. But in siddha, it is completely Herbal based.

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