Diagnosis and Treatment for Lower back pain in Adults

Diagnosis and Treatment for Lower back pain in Adults

Lumbar spine or Lower back pain is one of the most common issues in adults. The Diagnosis of arthritis begins with consulting a doctor. Make sure that’s Siddha doctor. Siddha deals better than Allopathy and gives a permanent solution. Mostly, lower back pain in adults is treated without surgery. First, we must know the,

  • What is Lower Back pain?
  • Causes of Lower Back pain
  • Symptoms of Lower Back pain
  • Diagnosis of  Lower Back pain
  • Treatment for Lower Back pain

What is Lower Back pain? :  

A general and painful situation that affects the lower portion of the spine is called ‘LOWER BACK PAIN’. It’s quite normal to get lower back pain. Usually, it affects the age group around 25to 50. It is the basic human experience globally. Everybody has to experience it once in their lifetime. The lumbar region is the part below the ribcage. The lower back pain can be intense and gets better on its own in most cases. If it doesn’t, there are treatments that are most effective. It is more usual as it hit 6 out of 10 people. The best-tested medical tradition of Siddha (sibling of Yoga) has pure solutions for lower back pain.

Causes of Lower Back pain:

The main cause of Lower Back pain is ‘Obesity’. Then, heavy physical activity, Forceful movements, lifting something heavy, standing in the same position for a long period, sitting for a long time, weakness of muscles are the common lower back pain causes in young adults. And also lower back pain causes due to Disc prolapsed and arthritis of the lumbar spine which can lead to Sciatica.

Symptoms of Lower Back pain:

Symptoms begin from a light ache to a maximum range of stabbing sensation. The pain grows harder to the level of difficulty to just move or stand straight. Often lower back pain comes after an injury or lifting heavily. Paining for a week to a month is normal till it extends to more than three months. When it lasts for three months it is considered chronic.

Severe back pain should be consulted by a professional Siddha doctor. Leg weakness, fever, numbness in the groin part, loss of bladder control are the warning symptoms of lower back pain in adults. The Excess amount of consisting fundamental constituent of the body is called ‘Vata dosha’ in Siddha. Each of our body made up of five great elements: air, ether, fire, water, and earth. Vata dosha has involved in lower back pain and it is made of ether and air.

Diagnosis of Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain is identified on its symptoms through physical examination whereas Siddha approaches with a unique Ayurvedic diagnosis and deals with the therapeutic approach. You must undergo Nadee pareeksha. Kati Basti, Abhyangam, Kizhi, Sneha Vasti, Kashaya Vasti are also some Ayurvedic therapies that are used for back pain relief. Herbal Health Care has well-trained therapists and trustworthy.

Treatment for Lower back pain

Ayurvedic treatment for Lower back pain will do wonders for you. Because, in Siddha treatment, everything is analyzed completely from addressing the root cause of treating wholly. There can be exercises to get rid of lower back pain. The conservative Siddha treatments for lower back pain are, taking rest, pain killers through physiotherapy, etc,. In Ayurvedic treatment, the following solutions are followed to reduce ‘vara dosha,’ and decrease the risk of lower back pain.

Reduce excess spicy intakes:  Dryness in the body leads to constipation and lower back pain since the stool issues. Green and Red chilies have a drying quality. So, reducing extremely spicy items help to prevent lower back pain.

  1. Coldness increase the pain:

Be as warm as you can. When you are in cold places, you can feel the difference in increasing the pain. Vata dosha’s main quality is coldness. Try to be warm always to avoid getting so much pain. The Warmth factor allows for pain relief.

  1. Consume warm food:

As I told in the previous one, be warm, eat warm foods, and avoid eating cold items. Because coldness increases the pain. Heat can allow the body to stay open and healthily eliminates our food. healthy elimination reduces the lower back pain.

3.Yoga for Lower back pain:

Yoga helps in getting rid of lower back pain so well. Particularly, Padahastasana is good at treating it. Padahastana is a yoga pose of standing forward fold. This yoga eliminates the stool carrying channels which cause lower back pain and constipation too. Lower back pain gets easy to maintain when you do this yoga.

  1. Alternate nostril breathing:

Pranayama breathing exercise is the most effective breathing practice for equalizing Vata dosha. It makes wonders for pain such as lower back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Alternate nostril breathing is done like this: Close your right nostril by your right hand and inhale through the left nostril and close your left nostril. Open your right nostril and exhale through this side. Then do this alternatively. It’s great on treating lower back pain. Practice this whenever you are free to do.

5.Oil regularly:

Our skin must be kept hydrated and oiled. It should not get dried. When it is dried, it can break the part completely. Oiling with warm oil and taking a bath is one of the best medicine that is followed from the ancient period. It gives a lot of benefits as making skin healthy, reduces the signs of aging, and lower back pain.

Ayurveda treatment for Lower back pain is so effective to overcome the pain. These are safe and it’s beneficial for the long term. Natural remedies are always great in healing. Herbal Health Care’s treatments are so natural and holistic. Patients can feel the renewal of their life after treating their illness in Herbal health care.

Follow these steps regularly and say Bye to lower back pain.

Invective arthritis is also known as Septic arthritis. It is severe inflammatory arthritis. To continue BEST STRETCHES FOR INSTANT BACK PAIN RELIEF IN SIDDHA

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