Frequently Asked Questions in Siddha

1.What is Siddha medicine?

Siddha system of medicine is one of the major systems of medicine, practiced/ originated in South India, especially in Tamilnadu.
It is especially by Siddhars. Siddha medicine had a history of several thousand years.

2.Who is Siddhars?

Siddhars ‘who defined death’ preached the philosophy and theory of immortality. These persons attained siddhi and mastery over the inner self and thereby mastery overall – Spiritual persons/Great sages.

3.What is the specialization of Siddha?

It is not only medicinal system. That is treatment/remedy for a disease. This system of medicine is as part of the culture of Tamil’s and hence it employs a holistic approach in its treatment and it has made enormous contribution of Tamil people healthcare.

4.What is the principle of Siddha medicine?

Siddha system of medicine has become popular all over the world which ensures prevention and promotion of health/ well being through principles of “Food is medicine, Medicine is food”,Lifestyle modifications, meditations and its uniqueness in treating diseases.

5.Is there any side effects in Siddha medicine?

No. Owing to its unique paradigm and remarkable efficacy with least adverse effects. This system of medicine attracting more and more interest internationally. Contact the best siddha hospital in Velachery to know more info on Siddha treatments and remedies.

6.What is the base of Siddha medicine?

Siddha medicine and based on the resources derived from herbs, minerals/ metals and animal products. Varmam and other non-medicatiom therapies.

7.Why herbal health care is best?

A speciality of herbal health care is dealing with details of diseases, diagnosis, line os treatment, Medicine, dietary regimen with special therapies like Kayakalpam(rejuvenation), Yogam, Varmam, Thokkanam(Oil massage),Fomentation.

8.HHC deal with any special diseases?

Yes.Chronic diseases, musculo-skeletal, Neurological, geriatric, psychiatric and skin disease.

9.What is the diagnostic tool in Siddha medicine?

Envagai thervu(eight fold diagnostic tool) particularly pulse diagnosis. A siddha may of pulse examination with different perception of three humours- Vali/vadham, Azhal/pitham, Iyyam/kabam.

10.Siddha medicine had many preventive medication?

Yes. Hygiene is the main siddha principle to prevent disease. It denotes daily chores, seasonal conduct, Infectious /Contagious diseases that is the diseases transmitted from one to another by contact, Epidemic diseases like eruptive fever, cholera and plague are prevented by siddha medication, hygiene and sanitation.

11.What is Vadha disease?

A collective term to denote the set of diseases caused by the derangement of vali/vadham humour.They are classified into eighty five types.

12. What is pitha disease?

A collective term to denote the set of diseases caused by the derangement of Azhal/pitham humour. It is classified into 40 types.

13.What is kapha disease?

A collective term to denote the set of diseases caused by the derangement of Iyyam/kabam humour. It is classified into 20 types.

14.Is HHC treat dermatological disease?

Yes. Some chronic dermatological diseases like Dermatitis, psoriasis. scabies, Apthous ulcer,microbial skin infection, paronychia, Dandruff, itching sore etc.. Are treated very well im HHC, Chennai.

15.Gynecological diseases are fully cured through siddha medicine?

Yes. In HHC treating male and female infertility, Amenorrhea, Menorrhogia,pcos and fibroid uterus etc.. Treat with internal medicine and regular exercises,teach pranayamam and Sooriya vanakam, Balanced diet. Adviced to take oil bath with manjal Neeraduthal twice/thrice a week.

16.HHC treat any dental disease?

Yes. Dental caries, Dental sensitivity, shaky tooth, Tooth ache/ Dentalgia are treated.

17.Osteoarthritis treatment in Siddha?

Step 1- Normalisation of altered uyir thathukal via sanjeevi mathirai.
Step 2- Internal medicines like Amukara chooranam, Elathy chooranam, sangu parpam, silasithu parpam.
Step 3- External medication like Manipulative therapy, Dressing, Fomentation, Leech application.

18.Siddha medicine for cervical spondylosis?

* Vishnu chakkara mathirai- 1-2 twice a day with 1-2 gm of thirikadugu chooranam with 5 ml ginger juice and honey(5 ml).
* Pavala parpam- 65-130 mg twice a day with honey.
* Parangi pattai rasayanam- 5 gm twice a day.

19.Diabetes mellitus treatment in Siddha?

* Nilavembu kudineer- 30-60 ml twice a day.
*Aavarai kudineer- 40-80 ml twice a day.
*Seenthil sarkarai chooranam- 1-2 gm twice a day.
*Madhumega chooranam- 1-2 gm twice a day.
*Naval kottai mathirai(500 mg)- 2 twice a day.
*Amirthathy ilagam- 1-2 g twice a day.

20.What is varmam in siddha medicine?

*It is a life force/energy concentric points where the flow of life force traverse through it in a periodic manner with respect to circadian rhythm.
*Points on the body(at the junctions of muscles, nerves, tendons and blood vessels) where panic (life) energy remains concentrated.
*Changes occuring on the body on being hit at some specific points – vital points/ subtle energy stations.

21.What is the Siddha treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis?

Step 1- Normalisation of altered uyir thathukal by Meganatha kuligai(100 mg)- 1-2 at early morning with 30ml of sukku kudineer.
Step 2- Internal medicines
*Nilavembu kudineer – 40-80 ml twice a day.
*Seenthil chooranam/Thiripala chooranam – 1-2 g twice a day with honey.
*Mahavallathy Ilagam- 5-10 twice a day.
*Senkottai Nei- 5-10 ml twice a day.
*Rasagandhi mezhugu- 300 mg twice a day with palm jaggery.
Step 3- External medicines
*Kavikal patru(paste)
*Kazharchi patru(paste)
*Moosambara patru(paste)
*Fomentation with leaves of vitex negundo(Nochi), clerodendrum phlomoids(Thaluthalai),Delonix elata(Vatha narayanan) etc..

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22.What is the Siddha treatment for peptic ulcer?

Step 1- Medicine for altered Azhal varambu kudineer- 60 ml at early morning.
Step 2-Internal medicines
*Thiratchathi kudineer- 30-60 ml twice a day.
*Keezhanelli karkam- 5-10 gm twice a day.
*Kavikal chooranam/Elathy chooranam/Seeraga chooranam – 1-2 gm twice a day with water(50 ml).
*Asta gunma Ilagam/Kesari Ilagam/Kumari Ilagam- 5-10 gm twice a day.
*Madhulai manapagu/Nannari manapagu- 10-15 ml twice a day with luke warm water(50 ml).

23.Siddha medicines are all the same for everyone?

No. It differs from person to person. It is based on trihumoural theory. If the three humours are deraged diseases are caused. The alternations and vitiation of three humours (vatham,pitham,kabam) either in-situ or ectopic leading diseases to humans.

24.Is pathiyam is essential during intake of Siddha medicine?

Yes. Pathiyam means instructions or advice regarding dietary habits, do’s and don’ts during intake of medicine.

25.What is pranayamam in Siddha?

In HHC we teach pranayamam for patients who need it. Pranayamam is breathing exercises or breath control. It is an art of controlling one’s breathing.

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