Siddha Better Than Allopathy?

Siddha vaidhya’s native is absolutely South India. It is written in our mother tongue, Tamil. We consider ‘lord Shiva’ as the father of Siddha and formulated by Agasthiya muni. Siddha is really a boon for us. When comparing Siddha with Allopathy, siddha filled with natural cosmos and Allopathy deals with chemicals. You check this once and you can say whether siddha is better than Allopathy or not.


It is full of chemical products so that you can easily get allergic or side effects. From that it leads to another health problem. In Allopathy, they can give treatment based only on ‘curing diseases’. We must be healthy to fight against illness. But, the aim of Allopathy is only to cure the particular disease on particular time. It will be temporary relief. Gender issues are not in Allopathy. With same medicines, men and women are equally treated. Medicines play a vital role in Allopathy. Diet comes next only.


Siddha is completely based on phytotherapy. So, natural herbs treat so well and it will be a permanent solution. There is no drug content. Siddha treatment is in three types using 1.Herbal products (plants) 2. Animal products 3. Inorganic substances. Likewise there are three types of treatment, 1. Divine method 2. Rational method 3. Surgical method. In siddha, internal medicines and external medicines consist each of 32 types.It is a combination of mythology and our tradition. Siddha focuses on whole healing of a person where Allopathy concentrates only on the disease. Siddha is three hundred and thousands of years old. Based on researches, siddha identifies 4448 diseases.

In siddha, many good things are there but the only needed element is patience. It will result you the permanent solution from whatever disease you have. It concentrates on complete healing of a person.There will be no side effects since it is full of herbal related treatment. Herbal health care, The standard siddha hospital in Chennai holds the major part in treating siddha vaidhaya effectively. Siddha medicines have seperated into three types as Common medicine, miracle medicine and Sophisticated medicine.

Unlike Allopathy, siddha has major difference in treating men and women. Medicines will differ according to the gender. Siddha is an ancient method of treating the diseases. After so many years, with lot of formulations, our classic medicines are being used and given a fruitful solution. They have healing properties. Our Herbal healthcare is maintaining their high quality in healing. A big advantage of siddha is to build the patients with their food. Allopathy concentrates on their pills and medicines.
From the ancient period, siddhars believed that where there is a healthy soul, there will be a healthy body. Thats the reason why Siddha always sticks with soul and mind whereas Allopathy strucks in the body. Siddhars were highly intellect and they had the clarity in their ideas. They started using palm leaves to write and its refined. It can be the oldest system of medical industry. Specialities in siddha is mostly the Varmam therapy, the universal salt(muppu), Kayakarpam etc. It is entirely focused on the five natural elements called as பஞ்ச பூதம். (Earth, water, Fire, Air and Space). The nature has the extra-ordinary power and there will be no chance of artificial supplements. So, the chances of fighting against the disease and getting completely alright are numberous.

Siddha classifies each disease into several various parts depend on the quality of the disease and the medicines that can be sorted by similar properties of healing. For instance, if you take’ fever’, there might be more than sixty five types of fever. The practitioner must analyze it properly. Our siddha has the references by our scientific siddhars which were already researched. But in Allopathy we are testing and finding solution when the arrival of disease. So it may not be the perfect solution for everybody. Each person is different in their own. Few can be allergic to some medicines and thats why siddha practioners research a person thoroughly through some techniques like நாடி துடிப்பு பார்த்தல் etc.

Knowledge, Beliefs, and Health Care Practices

Then giving therapies as steam therapy, physical therapy, yoga therapy, solar therapy and so on. They are not an easy thing to do but only the practice makes it alive. Herbal health care insists the proper ways of using therapies.

According to Allopathy, “illness can only be treated with pills” and for our classical siddha proves, “food is the brick to built a soul”. Behavioural change is also noteable in curing the disease in Siddha. ‘Herbal health care’ is a worthable siddha hospital in Chennai.

Dealing with these points, I would say that Siddha is far better than Allopathy. Its the immediate right time to evaluate and pursue the correct one. This is our health and life issue. So choose wisely.

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